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Board games are having a moment. A nod to our childhood, before scrolling on Instagram existed and was considered an acceptable past time. Simpler times. Let's lean into that. Drop your phone and roll that dice.

Yiayia and her mother playing a round of cards

Papou and I in a heated game of Jenga

The cherished game closet at Higgins Lake was complete with Dominoes, Backgammon, Jenga and the same six puzzles that collected dust every winter waiting for our return. Games passed down for generations, each with their own story and history. The faded deck of cards. The ice cream scoop puzzle with missing pieces.

This summer, it's hard to feel like our puzzle isn't missing pieces. No say in what cards we are dealt. We are just rolling the dice, without any control over the outcome. And yet, in a way it's a reminder to revert back to simpler times. A reminder of what is truly important. A celebration of generations. If it involves Backgammon with a Spritz in hand, count me in.


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